Can you get a fuel injected dirt bike to start in 2 kicks?

Is this possible with any of the other brands?

My 2010 450 yammy takes about 5-6 kicks when the engine is cold no matter what.

The cold start on these bikes has no other function but to allow extra air into the intake, it is not really a choke at all cause it doesn't adjust the fuel at all. I tried starting the bike without the cold start on thinking that maybe the starting circuit was too lean but after 10-12 kicks I popped it open and the bike started right up.

I have a power commander 5 and I've been thinking of messing with the starting circuit which is adjustable with the unit.

Before I go there I'm wondering if any of you others who have fuel injected bikes are having starting issues as well, and if it's normal to go about 5-7 kicks before the bike fires up cold?

I'm also wondering if anyone has used a decent fuel controller to remedy their situation?

thanks for the input!

no matter what it has to charge the capacitor in order to run the fuel pump to pressurize the fuel system.

depending on whos kicking it could be as little as 2 kicks.

you must use the cold start from cold. the bike automatically enrichens the fueling for cold starting so you gotta ad air.

I see. Thx

I adjusted the starting circuit to add 10% fuel for 10 seconds and the bike fired up 3 kicks... But then again it was started about 2 hours ago, there could still be fuel left in the intake...

I would love to have it start in 2 kicks. I basically kick slow to find the most resistance, this is usually after you hear a "sucking" sound coming from the intake and then I start hitting a cam. At this point I back the kicker fully up and kick hard from top to bottom and slowly bring the kicker back up again.

I've a '11 KX450 and it fires up within 3 kicks always. I fired it up the other day at 28F on the second kick. Just pull the choke, find compression and kick it through.

Went out to my riding spot to test out my studded tires, with the 10% trim to the fuel map for starting (first 10 seconds) and the choke on, the bike starts 3 kicks now cold.

Normally it would take about 7 or so...

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