Thinking about a YZ250F

I'm currently on an 04 RM250 2t. I really like the bike, but after riding my buddies 10 KX250F the other day I have been going back and forth about selling my 2 stroke and going back to a 4 stroke. I had an 06 CRF250R before, but I never really fell in love with that bike, it just didn't fit my style. I test rode an 07 YZ250F about 2 years back and I really the way it felt. I am stuck between a KX250F, RMZ250, and YZ250F. I'm only considering years 07+ on all the bikes, I cant afford a new one. Is the turning on those bikes really as bad as everyone says it is? My Suzuki handles on rails, and that is a trait that I would really like to have in my next bike. I'm 6'1'' and about 175-180 with gear. I know Yamaha suspension is best-in-class, and there are tons of threads on TT about the reliability of these machines. The only thing I am really concerned with is the turning prowess of the YZ250F. Someone talk me into one.

I have a 07 KX250F....I went with the 22mm trees on the front and it helped alot. I know the RMZ models...turn like they are on rails.....But I think any of the models your looking at would be great....I guess there "fixes" for all models....But if cornering is the main thing your after......I would have to say the RMZ would be the bike........good luck on your pick.......

I actually just found an 06 that I am going to check out probably tomorrow. Anything specific with those years?

06 had a valve issue and recall. Ask the owner if the valves have been replaced, then check the VIN on the stem. There should be a punch mark over about number 6 indicating the valves were replaced. Other than that, check everthing else out, linkages, forks, bearings, tires brakes, air filter, etc.

The Suzuki and Kawasaki have good suspensions. I've heard engine reliability is an issue on the Kawa.

As far as the valve recall, get the VIN and call a dealer. They'll be able to tell you whether it's been done or not.

I bought my '06 YZ250F for the reliability and suspension. To me, buying any used 250F can be a gamble so I went with the one that had the best reliability reviews. It turns okay, but will sometimes want to climb out of ruts (when taking an inside line).

Also check the steering stem bearings. Mine were toast from too many pressure washer blasts (and too little grease). And listen closely to engine noises.

Check out the RMZ250 forum because I've heard a lot about their transmissions having problems with ghost shifts and gears breaking. My buddy, who is a motorcycle mechanic, had valve "blow by" issues on his 07 RMZ250 before he hit 20 hours. So far, my 07 YZ250f has been bulletproof.

I cant rave enough about 07 yz250f. The suspension, is basically perfect. The only time i have an issue turning, is moving it around my garage, or trying to turn it around in a tight space. I've never had an issue like that on the trails. I bought my bike used. It actually had 2 previous owners before me. After pulling the top end off, everything (by eye) seemed spotless. Rod was real tight, cylinder was polished, with plenty of cross hatching. Everything above that had absolutely no problems either. I dunno how much my bike was ridden, or how hard. But this bike seems to be so amazingly well designed, and an overall strong machine. Also, this being my 1st bike i worked on, i was able to pull the top end apart, with nothing but me, my craftsman set, and the manual. Great great bike. I feel like im yamaha for life

Turns out the guy with the 06 is not going to be in town this week. So it's looking like next week. If the bike is in good shape, I'm going to take it. Thanks for the replys. Any additional info is appreciated.

The frame changed a little in 07 and supposedly made the bike handle way better. But really if bikes got better every year we would all be dragging handlebars in every corner on every track. The WRF's have the same geometry as the 07-08 YZF's and I ride MX with mine, lights, e-start, and kickstand! It seems to matter more on tire choice than anything to make the YZF's handling improve. The Bridgestone 400 series tires are popular, and I've been having good results with Dunlops MX51 front tire sticking good. Will they carve a line like a RMZ? Well that depends totally on the rider riding the bike.



Really old bike...vintage_mx_015.jpg

I currently ride an 05 yzf that i love. I have owned every 250 except the rmz but i have ridden one. The suspension on the yzf is like other people have said, just about perfect. I put some riser bars and new tires on it and have improved my cornering tremedously! The only thing i will have to say that yamaha had a prob with is the carburator. It produces plenty of power on command but it takes 2 or 3 kicks to get it started sometimes. Really not an issue though. How much do you weigh? how tall are you? Have you considered a 450 since you were ridding a 250 TS.

Oh and since were sharing pics here are a couple of the yzf. This is a 70 foot double on stock suspension. Im 180lbs with gear and i have no prob railing turns or hitting large jumps (as long as i dont come up short of course) :thumbsup:



Yes!!!! :thumbsup:

Really old bike...vintage_mx_015.jpg

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