USD fork swap for 1983 XR350

Hey guys i have an 83 xr350 that i want to put usd forks on. Currently it has a disc set up from an 1984 xr500. I have a set of 2001 yz250 KYB forks with the wheel and brake system that i would like to use. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for the swap. Thanks, Marc

Here are some crappy pics of the bike.



Bearings will be the issue. I don't know the YZ bearing size but the steering head on the XRs take 47mm OD bearings. All Balls Racing helped me on a fork conversion, they cross referenced bearings and found a size that would work. A friend also did a fork convesion and All Balls came up with a bushing to finish the project.

Holy smokes that looks clean!

You sure you want to chop that up?

Going to change the personality of the bike a LOT.

USD are much longer, going to stick the nose up in the air. I run mine up above the top triple clamp an inch or so but its still taller. If you don't balance that by bringing the rear up comparably you change the handling a lot.

Steering will be much slower, which I LOVE on my 350 as it's motard and straight street use now. Wouldn't love it as much if I was trail riding it. The 83-84 are extremely good tight woods bike. Plenty of guys convinced me that with proper springs and cartridge fork emulaters, those old forks can be every bit as good as the newer stuff. FWIWDSC00070-Copy.jpg

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