03 kx forks

Hey guys,i was wondering if there is a set of twin chamber forks that are a direct bolt on for my 03 kx250.Thanks.

As far as fork tubes fitting in the 2003 KX250 triple clamps, then 2005 - 2007 KX250 are the same size.

The fork guards are different, as the frontbrake hose routing is different on the 2004 and newer.

I am not sure if the wheel is the same fit. You may want to check on the fit on the Parts Diagrams on the Kawasaki site under Owner Info / Parts Diagrams, then select your model from the drop down menus.

You would also need the wheel spacers from the newer bike. I tried putting 04 forks on my 03 and found out the axle clamps on the bottom of the fork has more of an off-set on the newer forks.

how do the 04 forks perform compared to the 03?im looking for a fork that can be set up plush for offroad and still have decent bottoming resistance.i rode my friends cr with showas and thought they were great.

04's are still cartrige forks. 05-07 KX250's have twin chamber KYB's but are hard to find. However, you can find a crap load of KX250F showa twin chamber since they blow up so often.

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