fork problem

can the bottom part of the fork leg on my 1999 yz 125 kyb forks come off?

i stripped the bolt on the top of my fork while trying to replace the fork seals and i dont want to spend all the money on new forks so i would like to replace the seal from the bottom of the fork.

There is a pin that holds them on, but I'm pretty sure they are also press fitted onto the inner tube.

The lug for KYB is supposed to be extremely hard to take off, next to impossible. Alot of shops who do DLC coatings and such on the inner tubes, coat the lugs too cause they are just too much of a pain to remove.

So I hear.. I'm sure the fork experts will come in here to confirm/deny what I have said.

you really dont want to replace the seal that way.Any decent tuner should be alble to get the cap off.

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