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Found what looks to be an XR200 for cheap

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I've been looking around for my first bike to own, on craigslist, for the past month or so. I've had a budget of around 800$, so my spectrum wasn't that wide. Tonight though, I found what seems to be a 1981 xr200 for sale for only 300$. The posting says it just needs the carb cleaned and some minor adjustments, I'm going to put a pic up for you guys to help determine if it's worth it.


And another.


If I do buy it, I'll have some extra cash to spend on fixing any problems I encounter, so that's nice. I'm not looking for anything spectacular for my first bike anyways, but I've read good reviews on the xr200's and the whole xr series to boot. Any known problems for this model? And am I correct on thinking it's an xr200?

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That is not an XR200, or at least the correct for that year XR200 engine. Note the twin pipes. It is a RFVC head, so it is probably an XR250 engine or the troubleprone 84/85 XR200 engine

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i would only give $100 max. it seems like alot of retro fitting. forks look a little shy on travel to.

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Opps, missed the twin header pipes. It is a Franken bike. Or is it a early 80s twin shock XR250 with a RFVC motor.

Check the VIN on the steering head:

Position 4-7 is the 4 character model code and position 10 is the model year code. The first 4 positions of the motor serial is the model code for the motor, which will matche the VIN model code unless the motor has been changed.

Some year codes:

A = 1980

B = 81

C = 82

D = 83

E = 84

F = 85

G = 1986

H = 1987

J = 1988

K = 1989

L = 1990

M = 1991

N = 1992

P = 1993

R = 1994

S = 1995

T = 1996

V = 1997

W = 1998

X = 1999

Y = 2000

1 = 2001

Some model codes:

MD01 XL250S B

MD02 XL185S B-D (USA / Kanada)

MD03 XL250R C-D

MD06 XL200R D-E

MD09 TLR200 D-H

MD10 XL200 FMD (Neuseeland)

MD11 XL250R C-D

ME01 XR250Z-A / XR250R B-D

ME02 XR185Z / XR200R B-E

ME04 XR200R B-D 81-83

ME05 XR200R E-J + L-P (86-94 to #5705049)

ME05 XR200R E-J + L-P (94-02 #5705049 and on)

ME06 XR250R E-P

ME07 TLR250

ME08 XR250R T-

ME06 XR 250R E-P 84-95?

ME08 XR 250R T 96-04?

The suffix letters denote model years (A=1980).

Let us know what you find.

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Be careful with all these craigslist specials that need a carb cleaning/adjustment. If the seller in all his expertise knew enough to identify the problem, why can't he spend 20 minutes cleaning it and sell for more.

It's just a catch-all phrase. In my experience this claim usually means more serious problems and buyers regret soon sets in.

On the other hand, I've had sellers who have been honest and said "I don't know what's wrong" and it was just a gummed carb!

+1 on that bike looking like a bunch of mismatched parts.

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Yeah, you need to be careful of craigslist. I brought an 87 XR200R a couple months back that the guy said it only needed a new set of rings. That was very mis-leading. It also needs valves, oil pump, 2nd gear and a few other things. I knew what I was getting into and expected it to be in bad shape. Only paid $200.00 for it. The suspension and everything else is fine so I think it was worth the price.

Oh, and hi everyone, this is my first post.

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I contacted him last night via e-mail, and he replied a few minutes ago with this

the bike is of course not new, so the carb needs cleaning, oil change, it does run but like i said its not new, it is ridable as is but just needs someone to take care of it. It belonged to an older man and his son rode it and not much else, it was not running when i got it but i worked a little on it and now it runs fairly good, just needs a little attention but in good shape, for the price u cant beat it.

I replied asking him to check the vin number.

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I sat looking at your pictures and thought to myself something didn't look right about this bike. Obviously the body work is from something else (my guess is on chinese) that has been "tried" to be put on. But the engine/frame/etc. don't match up to me. Here check out some pics I found to match up to yours -

Notice my first pic is not the dual shock however, the motor was what looked wrong to me first. If it was a franken-bike the motor should be one of the 4 valve xr motors like the 200 or 250. The first pic is the xr200 rfvc motor. **Notice that the header pipes intersect and follow a completely different pattern, as well as the right side crank case does not seem to match the same profile.


Ok, well how about the 250 motor? Well here is a picture of a '82 xr250. Notice the header pipes are a lot closer however they still don't seem to match.


Now take a second to look at the frame of the bikes - The honda bikes have some exposed frame that starts at the footpegs and moves up towards the seat, and the imposter bike does not seem to have this same frame design common to all XR's.

I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS NOT AN XR200! But all signs I see, tell me this is something that is very hard to identify!

I don't know ANY chinese bikes that are dual shock, that is what is throwing me off.. either way it's a mystery for sure! :thumbsup:

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I believe that is a 78 or 79 xl 250 no rfvc that did not start until about 83

Yea def. looks like the old XL, nice find! Which would be awesome in a way, throw some lights and signals on the thing and you've got a great into-town street legal bike!! :thumbsup::blah:

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Fast frank is absolutely right. That's the pre RFVC engine produced from '78-'83 in 250cc and '79-'82 in 500cc.

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But the shock lay down angle looks like early XR not XL. In the seventies I rode with a guy that had a twin shock XR250, I don't remember anything about the engine just that the chassis looked a lot like a XR185.

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