Tire question

How low do you guys run your tires? My rear tire is past the wear bar separating the middle knobs but they are still 10mm tall. When do you replace them. I am just ridding indoors now so the track is hard pack and gets a little slippery in the corners. Would a new tire even be noticeable in this conditions? What do you recommend for a rear tire ridden on hard pack surface. At least I think it is a hard pack surface the dirt around here is a mixture of clay and top soil. South west Ohio. What do you look at for determining wear on the front tires? Sorry for the basic questions.

Till the knobs are rounded significantly, then I flip it and repeat. By then, its toast. I'm looking at a knobby knife soon tho, to see if that helps! It is amazing how much better traction you get with a freshie on both ends. I would imagine you want an intermediate tire, but I may be wrong.

Whats a knobbie knife?

for harppack get a dunlop mx71........i dont let mine get too far as the performance of the tire is gone way before the knobbies are worn off.............nothing like a fresh tire

Forget about a new pipe, cam, or porting job. If your tire is worn a fresh meat will give you the best performance gain even on hardpack. The knobby knife is a heated tire cutting tool @$60, that allows you to cut a fresh sharp edge on your knobs. I have one and believe it works well. The tire will wear faster after cutting a fresh edge, but you were going to change it in a few rides anyhow. As soon as the sharp edge is gone and the knob starts getting rounded, traction has been reduced significantly. That was a good question.

I change a tire when there is 5 knobbies ripped off.

Can you really tell a big difference from a tire before and after using the knife it looks like it does a pretty good job in about 20 minutes. Just want to know if it worth the price of a tire?

Its the sharp edge that makes a big difference......so maybe

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