who drinks energy drinks?

just wondering who here drinks energy drinks? i dont wanna get flamed with 'oh there crap and bad for you' i just wanna know who drinks them :thumbsup:

Sugar free Rockstar for me.

I used to drink a Monster Energy Khaos every morning for breakfast, it is 70% juice and tastes really good. I did this for about a year, I don't drink them at all anymore.


always drink one before a ride, mostly red bull

none of them wake me up even the slightest bit and the 5 hour energy shots give me the shits but i drink red bull cuase its so freaking good!

none here. When i need to wake up, coffee does the trick.

Sugar free Rockstar FTW.

I know who doesn't drink them:


Coffee in the AM, an occasional Rockstar if I need a caffeine boost later in the day.

I drink them, I drink coffee too. Don't know what all the fuss is about. Strong coffee has more of an effect on me than energy drinks do. I like them because they are much more lightly carbonated compared to soft drinks like Coke.

Monster lo carb for me. I buy them in buy the case but I limit myself to 3 per week. I need something most mornings to get me going and a ice cold monster does the trick. I don't get much of a buzz from them anymore, I think the cold does more than anything. I do like the taste though. I can't even tell the difference between regular monster and lo carb any more. I don't feel bad buying them, they spend an assload of money in the industry.

Can't drink em'. All that sugar just upsets my stomach. :blah:

That sugar just doesn't wake me up or anything either. :thumbsup:

I very seldom drink an AMP but for the most part I don't drink any soda or energy drinks. AMP is the only one that I actually think tastes good.

times 2 the sugar free monster... nothing brings focus on a ride like a monster buzz...lol

I was literally addicted to Monster Mixxd, but I had to quit the caffeine intake. I was up to 2-3 a day and bought it by the case off of Amazon. Now I take ephedrine. lol

I don't remember the last time i had one, but i like the way the regular monster tastes. Haven't really tried the others.

Low carb monster. I drink one every time i stop at the gas station to get fuel.

i dont drink them for the energy cause it dosnt affect me, but i drink them only for the taste :thumbsup:

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