Nows the time, the time is now


If you want any say in the proposed changes at Chadwick

motorcycle use area, the U.S Forest service is taking public comments

now during this 30 day period on the proposed development plan.

the proposal can be read in this MIDWEST forum sticky titled

"Chadwick- Important"

The F.S. Rangers say that if you want your opinion to be considered

in the final decision you must reply now.

Your comment will be accepted by E-mail to

If you like the freedoms you now have at Chadwick,please read and

reply by the included e-mail.

Proposed option A:

Do nothing except normal trail maint. (which is basically non existent)

Proposed option B:

Try to accomplish the 30 plus things on the list, some good, some horribly

bad. You all know that the Cobb Ridge Camp Ground was closed for over a year

just to work on one area, they don't have the manpower and logistic to to do all that work!

Not to mention the proposed closing of Saunders camp, and KC camp, Oak Ridge camp, gate off Rattle Snake Cave and Camp Ridge where 110 TR. starts.

All the primitive camping will be gone, it seems they want to stack everybody on top of each other in paved organized camp area to make more bucks$$

Please take a look at the proposal and reply your objections.:thumbsup:

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