would you?

I have a 21 year old RV that's nice but old. It's 28'. Me and the wife are the only ones that use it. It has a bedroom in the rear. I was thinking about cutting a door in the rear so i could put 2 dirt bikes in there. Hinge it for a ramp and trim so it looks like factory. We could sleep in the forward bed. Its a 1989 Allegro bay. The rear of the rv is all fiberglass. What do you think? Or should i just keep pulling a trailer.


Just keep pulling the trailer. I also have an 89 motorhome. its a class C, but everything works and its comfortable for trips in the desert.

The good thing is that I am never worried about driving it down rough roads or getting scratches on it.

I bought a hitch mounted bike carrier for just my bike and also a small trailer to carry two bikes. I paid $650 for both of them. Its a heck of a lot cheaper than my other options. Its also cheaper and less trouble that what you are proposing.

Don't invest in the 21 yr old motorhome

Unless the interior is trashed, I'd keep it as is and pull the trailer.

At least when pulling the trailer, you have a place to stash all your fluids, chemicals, tools, parts, etc without having them in the cabin of the RV.

That, and while the RV market may be soft right now, it's even softer for chopped up/customized RV's.

If you are sure it is in good shape structurally, it sounds like a good idea if you want a project.

But, once you start cutting there's no turning back. I'd be scared you'd find some rot and end up rebuilding the entire house section.

I'm probably pessimistic, though. I got an old Dodge Tioga for free that needed a roof. I finished it, but it was a complete nightmare.

Thanks guys it was just a thought. The whole camper would probably end up smelling like gas and oil.


I made 2 frame rail extensions out of 2x4 square steel that clamps onto my existing frame rails with u clamps. I have mounted 2 motorcycle rails on the extensions and put in tie down eyes.

I can haul both my KLX and 600 on the back, and pull a trailer to boot if the wife wants to bring her quad.

im doing the same thing with a cheap pull behind this winter! haha but mine only cost 500$

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