Broke down. Power valve?

Ok so I was riding at the dunes sunday, everything was fine it was running great. I came into camp, parked it and when I came back to start it up, nothing. Just tested the compression, read at 70. I have no idea whats wrong with it. Any ideas?

I was told it could maybe be the power valve? The guy who told me that it might be the power valve wasn't too familiar with them. SO what exactly is a power valve and what does it do??

Thanks everybody!

Its not the power valve. Sounds like you may have stuck a ring (ring stuck in the ring groove in the piston). Heat could have done it if you were riding it hard and came right to camp with out making some cool down laps to bring the temp down to normal. This was just my first thought.

Ok well I tore it down. SHould the ring slip in and out of the groove then? And what do I need to get to fix it? This is obviously my first rebuild haha. Thanks :thumbsup:

The ring should move freely within the groove easily.

Post a pic?

Ok yep it was a stuck ring. Do I just need to buy a piston and rings?

Piston kit, gasket set, piston pin, upper rod bearing, spark plug and fresh antifreeze should get it back together.

If your not going to buy the piston as a kit, then you will need to buy a piston, rings, and 2 c-clips. Now you need all the other stuff listed above.

I would recommend going with a forged piston.

Mite as well repack the silencer and change the tranny oil while your at it.

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