Edelbrock to make a aftermarket carb for the WR450!

I got this off the WR450 mailing list. Interesting reading.

Edelbrock used my bike to make a "Quick Silver" carb for the WR450. We Dyno'ed it with a dirt tire so the numbers are low by somewhere around 12% but max HP was 38.5 with both the stock and Quick Silver carb. Although ridding the WR with the Edelbrock seemed to produce a lot more power! No clutch, 3rd and 4th gear wheelies. The QS is a pretty cool carb, jet less. To change the jetting all you have to do is turn a knob on top of the carb. That "mis" at 1/4-1/2 throttle is gone with the QS. I know a lot of folks are having a hard time jetting the stock carb on the WR and with the Edelbrock it's effortless.

After some trail time I'll do an article on ORC about it. Contact Rob Barnum for more info : http://www.barnumspro.com/proproductweb_014.htm

Mike Hobbs

I think Edelbrock makes good stuff, but no way can they make a better motorcycle carb than Keihin or Mikuni.

The WR has always had hopelessly confused jetting. You could probably improve upon it with a Bing.

Try doing that to a YZ, or a WR with proper jetting.

Much easier to just change a few parts to YZ spec. than put the Quiksilver in there.

Just my opinion...

The standard Keihin FCR pumper carb is the best carb I have ever used or worked with. The Edelbrock carb must really be super!! What is the venturi diameter and how much did it cost?

I had an edelbrock quicksilver carb on my xr650r and honestly it was 1000x better the the stock keihn(sp.?) carb. It really was that much better. But it also was $400. I bought the James Dean Kit for my W and I hope that that solves my carb woes so I will not have to drop another 400 on the W :)

I had an edelbrock quicksilver carb on my xr650r and honestly it was 1000x better the the stock keihn(sp.?) carb.

The XR doesn't have a FCR, but it is a Keihin. I don't think it has a pump, so that may have been part of it.

But did you ever get the stocker properly jetted? Like the WR, the XR is jetted a bit weird due to the breathing restrictions as delivered.

Your right the Xr is not a pumper. I didnt even bother with the stock carb because everyone in the xr forum cut so many promotions about the pumper(edelbrock quicksilver). I didnt want to go trial and error on the stocker. Seems like the JD kit resolves that? :)

I dyno jetted kitted a Keihin CVK carb on the Kawasaki. For $65 go with either JD or Dynojet and give it a try. I followed instruction with no follow up tuning and it worked very well. :)

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