Knee Pain

Dr Mark

My daughter (12yrs) had a large dog run into the front of her knee about a year ago. We assumed it was hyper extended at the time. It was a bit swollen and sore for about a week or 2. It was sore skiing in the short time we skied last year shortly after the incident. It did not bother her over the summer with swim team or any other activities. We have started skiing again now and each time we ski she complains of pain on the upper inside of her knee. Should we schedule an appointment with a local ortho or would it be beneficial to get an MRI and send you the results?

thanks for all you do.

Im an orthopedic THERAPIST in FL so im not a doc. but the best way to tell is to get pictures. Go to your doctor and tell them the story. If its been this long and she still has the same level of pain, its a good idea to get it checked out. Plus, if there is something serious, do it while she is young. (whether it be therapy or some type of invasive work).

Basically, talk to your primary and go get pics. (MRI)

Good luck

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