New to dirt, but not to riding... decisions decisions...

Little help if you please...

First of all, I should say that I have done a lot of riding. Mostly on the street/track though. I have had a bunch of sportsbikes, RZ350s and RD350s over the years. I currently have a GSXR750 & Ape RS250 for the track, and a DR650 for road and trail work. The DR was bought more for dirt roads and fire roads, but I find myself wanting to go places that the big girl doesn't really want to go... she's a fatty you know.

I am looking to get a more dirt oriented bike for trail riding, fast twisty trails, mud, hills, rocks etc etc. No MX course, but I do like to go fast. I am really into the 2T bikes, so that is definitely what I want.

So the question - 125, 250 or KDX220? If 125 or 250, which one? It needs to be on the cheap too, being bike #4, so no KTM flag waving please. It has to be below 2 grand.

I went to see an RMX250 today which I thought would be the perfect answer. It was a bag o shite and not worth a quarter of the asking price.:thumbsup:

I was thinking a 125 would be good to learn on, but then I see a whack of threads with people recommending 250s as first bikes... ?


BTW i am ~5'11" and 185-190 with gear

a 250 is a great starter & have decent power. I have a dr650 & its too big & bulky. I bought a dr350 & its perfect for me, lots of power, light enough i can throw it around in tight situations & light enough to do good size jumps & the suspention rebounds quickly so you dont land like a rock like the 650 does.

A Kawasaki KDX-220 sounds like a good choice, or another similar bike that's more of a friendly trail bike instead of a firebreathing racer.

I'd get a torquey bike that's user-friendly (AKA easy to ride through rough terrain when you're tired and/or semi out of control).

I think that even though you have many miles on motorcycles, being a newbie to off-road riding probably means you're going to be finding out the hard way how much traction you do or don't have at each end of the bike, how you can't grab a fistful of front brake when charging up to a corner any time you want, how the tires won't always feel like they're glued to the ground, how your front tire can and will wash-out (slide out from under you) just when you don't need it to, and that you're going to have to read the terrain and get your body involved in negotiating the terrain.

Most likely, you'll get tired until you build some stamina, and an easy-going bike is your friend here.

I feel it's a smarter decision to get a bike that has an easy-going character when you're new to this kind of riding.

Gain the experience, learn how to ride off-road, then get something that you can be proud of. :thumbsup:

If you are gonna go smoker, the KDX is the obvious choice for woods: light, torquey and forgiving but capable of race wins in the right hands. Inexpensive to purchase and maintain and they hold value pretty well. Of the KDX line, the 220 is the best of them.

The KDX is great if you enjoy 1970's technology. Otherwise, there is nothing about it power, weight, suspension, or handling-wise that sets it apart from the much improved newer mx bikes.

You can get a whole slew of great 2 stroke bikes, 2000 and newer, for around $1,000 to $1,200 and all brands are quite competent. Buy the one that is in the best condition.

i would go with a yz 125. there fun to ride and their great irst bike cuz they do make learn alot about carrying speed and clutch control

thanks for the help guys. i will have to see what comes up. people seem to be asking an awful lot of $ for their 10 year old KDXs...

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