cr125 carb leaking?

Well I just got my 01 cr125 running but it seems theres fuel coming out of a fuel line in the rear of the carb, is this the float valve? Id like to confirm that it is before I buy one, what do you guys think?

Thanks for the link. I guess my next question is: does anyone know the correct float height for an 01 cr125? I'm going to mess with it a little bit tomorrow.

Thanks for the link. I guess my next question is: does anyone know the correct float height for an 01 cr125? I'm going to mess with it a little bit tomorrow.

It should be on the manual

If only I had one lol. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

mine is 16mm(.63 in.) for my 99 cr125. it should be the same.

i got some info with a shameless sale pitch for ya. I had a 125 do the same thing to me. Take the bowl apart and clean the floats. remove the floast and put them in warm water and push them to the bottom. if air bubbles come p the the float has a hole in it. if not then the float is good just clean it real well. Any little build up will have a big effect on it.

Also i have a 99-01 cr125r factory service manuel ill let it go for cheap

To be honest I dont plan on keeping the bike too long. But today I also noticed that I'm missing a screw on the left side. Its not the air screw but a little ways above it, does anyone know what it exactly is? I attached a couple of pics, the first one is my carb and the second one is a similar one I found on ebay. I need to figure what exactly goes in there.



thats your idle adjustment screw mate

Damn thats what I kind of thought. How the hell is this thing missing? Now I gotta order more parts. :thumbsup:

Funny thing is, is the bike starts right up but idles kinda high.:blah:

It looks like there is a nut that goes with it too, it is very different from an idle screw on a PWK carb, thats why I wasnt too sure.

yea just get both saves lots of hassle if you get the wrong one

hey man I think it will be no.9 u need, they are different to most carbies as all this does is hold the slide open slighlty to make idle, rather than a fuel passage like most carbies, yea it will idle high cos its sucking air making it run lean, they have a lock nut on them so if someone dident tighten that up properly it would just fall out

If your carb is overflowing be sure to also check the needle valve o-ring. It can shrink if the bike has been sitting around for long periods...

Ok so I have a new problem now lol. The bike runs but it has a serious bog on the lowend. Almost as hitting the kill switch during revving. Also I went to change the tranny fluid today and found another little suprise; someone (previous owner) put a larger drain plug in. And it doesnt even go in properly. The hole has threads but I guess I will need an insert? Heres a couple of pics. You can see the difference in drain plugs, oversized vs stock. Oh, I'm running a 30pilot and 400main with needle in 3rd clip. Carb seems to funcion properly except for that nasty bog. Any suggestions.



its your float... when i put mine up on the stand a little bit of gas comes out because the float is pushing up... if yours is leaking all the time then your float is probably stuck or the height is wrong

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