Finding an MX personal trainer and dietition?

Hey guys,

I need to try and track down someone to work with me on the personal training and diet side of my life.

I was wondering what sites you guys recommend to see someone local (Los Angeles) or if you know someone. Diet is also critical and trying to find someone who can do both or perhaps one person for each subject, I'm game for anything.

I'm getting more serious with mx and I need to stare building my body more then ever. I've read this forum and have found good info, but it seems like a personal trainer is critical.


Tye - you seem to be on the right track with your thinking, but the sad truth is that our sport seems to be last in each area you are seeking help with.

Sports nutrition is rather specific, and someone doing meal planning for collegiate wrestlers or triathletes will likely come up short for someone like you.

My advice - try and get 5 seconds with some of the local pros at your track and network with them on who they are working with. That might get you some leads anyway.

Good luck!

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