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2011 250sx-f update/review

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so I've had my bike for a few months now, and i couldnt be happier. i came off a honda and this bike really suprised me. Since i got the bike i had a fmf slip-on when i bought it, now i have rg3 suspension, and dna rims. Since switching from my honda i picked up 40 seconds ... A LAP, ON STOCK SUSPENSION! my suspension on the honda was a little soft for me but not too bad, and the motor on the ktm is great it is so smooth i feel like im going slower because there is no hit, but im really going faster. The rg3 suspension, really improve the bike, they really know what they are doing over there, the bike settles well, handles braking bumps, and acceleration bumps great, and tracks nice down straightaways. mostly im writing this because there are people out there(like me) who are on the fence about the new design of the bike, and are debating whether or not to get one, i hope this will help anyone who is in that situation that i was in a few months ago.





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