Difference between 400 and 650 wheels

Im getting a 2002 xr400 in a few weeks. Im gonna make it streetable, and Im looking into supermoto wheels. Complete 17" wheels minus cush are pretty expensive. Motostrano has kits with warp9 wheels with a 320mm front rotor.

My question is, since they dont make a kit for the 400, what is the difference between the 400 wheels and 650 wheels? If its only spacers I can make them myself, but I have a feeling its a much more than that.

I have wheels from a 96 Xr600 on my 400. Check part numbers, but I belive that 94 and on Xr600 have the same wheels and they are 100% compatable with an XR400. XR600 wheels use XR600 spacers to fit the 600 and 400. So If you get the wheels get the spacers also. It is nice to have a true dual sport. 70/30 Street to dirt tires on one set a wheels and full dirt tires on the other set.

Just re read your post. 650 wheels not 600. I do not know the answer. Sorry

I just looked again, and they sell a kit for 600s too. You say the spacers will fit, but what about the rest of it? Is the swingarm the same width? What about lining up the sprocket? The kit says to use your stock spacers, too.

Direct fit on my XR400. Sprocket, rotors axle, everything.

Why not just contact Warp9 direct? They sell direct... Their SM wheels come with rotors according to their site and they may have them for the 400. Just a thought.


Let us know how you end up :thumbsup:

The 650 uses an additional hub retainer bushing type piece. It is too wide for the 400 swingarm.

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