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250XC or CRF250 for GNCC

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Hey guys,

Trying to make a rational decision with the new gorgeous 2011 250XC is difficult.:blah: Please provide some input...


Vet intermediate

80% MX, 20% GNCC (some tight woods)

Currently, I have 08 CRF250 for MX (stock). Love it.

Sometimes I ride woods. Open trails is great. Tight technical trails is not.

I can't seem to adjust the suspension in stock form to work (generally, the suspension is just OK stock, even MX). Engine braking is excessive causing additional instability.

Here are my 2 options:

1) CRF for MX and woods

-revalve + E7 (bladder) by MX-Tech for MX (hopefully can work pretty good in woods with clicker adjustment)

-add Rekluse Z Pro clutch for anti stall to improve low speed control

2) CRF for MX, add 2011 250XC

-still need to modify CRF suspension

-250XC concerns

I orginally got rid of my last 2 stroke (03 CR250) because: tiring (peaky powerband, no engine braking made for difficult hard front brake pull, smashing expansion chambers, mixing oil, and vibration).

However, the new KTM seems to eliminate most of this (linear 4-st like powerband, Brembo brakes, more forgiving chassis). I still have the pipe and oil concern. But I will trade for engine oil/valve issues. And I pick up e-start:banana:

I love the idea of a light woods bike.

But, expensive and now another bike to maintain.:thumbsup:

Which option is better and why?

thx for any input.

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IMO, this is a no brainer and you've pretty much answered your own questions. The one and only downside to a 2t is the exposed pipe, those however are super cheap to fix and not to bad to replace. Then that's only if you have issues with crashing a lot, so don't crash it into stuff!!

You are obviously aware that you can't really compare your old Honda MX 2t to a new gen KTM, that's apples to rotten grapefruit-(aka CR).

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If you have the cash, then go for it! It'd be nice to have the two different bikes for different rides and to have both a 2T & 4T. However $7000 is a lot of money to pay for something you'll do only 20% of the time. If you were riding off the track a little more, it'd be a little more justifiable to get another bike however, 20% isn't that much in regards to overall picture of your riding. I'm not sure how much money the work being done to your CRF would be, but I wouldn't imagine it would equal the cost of a brand new bike. If it were me, I would stick with the moding out the CRF - it'll save you money and seems more economical.

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The money you'll put into a second, expensive bike makes this easy- set up your current bike the way you need for your use and concentrate on riding! If you are trying to run stock MX shocks in the woods, you won't believe how much a revalve will help.

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Thanks guys for the input.

The first reply is what my want-side of the brain says.

The second and third is my need-side.

I love bikes. Especially, new. But it's a slippery slope. Always wanting new.

The cost to mod current bike:

1) suspension: $1000 for revalve, huck valve/springs

2) Rekluse Pro: $600

Total: $1600.


2011 KTM 250XC: ~$7600 OTD

A $6000 savings.

But, I need to revalve current bike anyway.

So, $7000 savings.

As you said, that's a lot of cheese to use 20% of the riding time (which is really small for me).

It's a balance between saying I have the money and why not v. is it good use of money.

So far 1 against 2.

Any more?

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