New Boots!!!

Since my Fox Forma Pro's were about worn out and I just finished saving up for my new bike, the next thing I wanted to buy were some new boots. Particularly some Gaerne's SG12's. However I didn't really want to wait another month or two just to save up for some boots. So when I stumbled across these boots on sale for only $99 I couldn't pass it up. They are RockyMountainATV's house brand ARC and they are the MX240V.






Initially putting them on they are very comfortable. After wearing them for a while around the house I can say that they seem to be very durable and of very reasonable quality. They are hinged and make walking very easy. But if you try to move your ankle side to side it's like you are wearing a splint, which I like. There is no sharp pressure points but I can tell that the boot does not get evenly tight but I'm sure it will get better after I brake them in. The opening of the boot is way to large for me but I'm only wearing cheap knee guards; time to save up for some nice ones! The boot is about the same weight as my Forma Pro's, maybe a little heavier, but they are an inch or so taller. The foot of the boot seems to be a little bigger as well, but it will probably get a little smaller with time and fit a little tighter.

Compared to my Forma Pro's they are not quit as comfortable, but that is because my old boots were way worn out; they were made in 2003 and I bought them used. These boots are just very supportive and are also new and stiff. My old ones fit me like a glove and after wearing the new ones around for a while when I went to put my old boots back on they didn't even feel like boots and I could roll my ankle around and stuff. But like I said I think it's a good thing they are a lot stiffer and more supportive. The leather on the inside is really nice and seems to stick to my bike a lot better than my old boots did. Not sure when I will go riding in them, but I can't wait.

Old Boots...






I have the same boots(actually the 220v's but they are 99% the same, sole just looks different). I love them. Good ankle protection and no problems with them at all, and they hold up really well and they still look like new, like 4 or 5 years later.

Hey, Breeze!!!

Where did you find these for $99???? :blah:

My latest & greatest Rocky Mtn. ATV/MC has them at $179! :ride::thumbsup:

Not much less than a set of A-star Tech 3s......


They were on sale for 99 but now they are on closeout for 120.

I had a pair of the 220 and they lasted 3 rides before the pivot bolt insert pulled out of one of the boots, a couple of friends had the same thing happen, we don't ride moto, just tech trails, i'm lucky if i get a year out a pair of boots.

Maybe they have addressed the problem, I liked the boots though.

I have a pair of JETT boots now, they are very nice for the money

Son of a bitch!!:thumbsup: I bought a pair about a month ago for $180.

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