another ttr125 carb question

My sister bought my niece a 2005 ttr125 (California bike). They rode it a bit, then parked it for a couple years, then asked me to get it running. I took the carb off and it is NASTY - stinky and full of varnish and gummy stuff.

I figure I need to soak the whole thing in chem dip carb cleaner, but am concerned about taking one part of the carb apart. The part that concerns me is an oval shaped cover, with a hump in it, with two screws holding it on. It's above the fuel inlet and idle screw. The screws are on REALLY tight. I'm wondering if this has a spring or something in it that is going to fly apart when i take the screws out.

I'm not a great mechanic, so don't want to take something apart that I can't get back together again.

Also, the petcock was filled full of gum and varnish. The plastic screen for the regular inlet fell apart, and the screen for the reserve (seems like a metal screen) is all gummed up. Can I drop this whole thing into the chem dip? Can I buy replacement for the plastic screen?

Lastly, how long should I soak the carb in the chem dip? Is there a problem with leaving it in to long? I was figuring about 9pm one night til 5 pm the next afternoon (when I get home from work).

Thanks for any input.

Take the bowl off and scrape and brush the goo out of it. I don't like to soak the main carb body in chemicals. Replace the jets with new ones, don't try to clean them, and clean and blow out the choke tower and little fuel tube inside. There is a little hole at the bottom that plugs easily.

A whole new petcock is surprisingly cheap. Probably better than trying to fix a deteriorating part.

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