2010 rmz 450 question!?


looking at buying an rmz 450, 2010 or 2011

and have a few questions:

how often are people adjusting valves? any top end issues?

valve springs are these being replaced at all?

also fuel injection...any issues at all?

thanks heaps

No issues to speak of. They are pretty much bullet proof if you take care of them. That's with any bike. EFI is awesome. Change your oil on a regular basis, clean your air filter, and make sure your bearings are greased. Ride the thing. I have an '08 that I have not touched the motor since purchasing it. Still runs like day one. I ride and race regularly. +40 mxer.

2010 no issues yet. Ill be sure to post up for advice if any come up. Has been a great bike so far...

I went from a 2008 CRF450R to the 2010 RMZ450 -- LOVE IT!

2 Years of Long endurance races and riding mx tracks every weekend and havent had to adjust them once.

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