Athena 144 piston kit (extra parts)

just putting together a 144 kit in a 06 yz 125 and the Athena piston kit comes with 2 small pins in a sealed bag. Anyone know what they are for?????

Just a guess but are they the ring locating pins?

They go in the head/cylinder and locate the head accurately.

Thanks Harrperf, that was it, should have known. Stock doesn't have them. On a side note what do you run for ring end gap on these. Athena didn't say.

Put it this way...I have yet to see a set that requires more gap.

but about .009-.010 inch

Thanks, mine measured out at .020 so left it as is. Okay 1 last question since you know these kits. Typicaly do you need to jet up or down with the 144cc from 125? Any sea level baseline. Thanks again

Put it this way...I have yet to see a set that requires more gap.

Same here. In forty years of messing with bikes and cars I have almost never seen a tight ring gap. Maybe once.

At sea level and 60 degrees on pump a 440 main and 40 pilot needle one clip richer.

Race fuel jet down two on the main.

Colder - every 15 degrees go up a main

Opposite hotter.

Thanks again Harrperf.

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