250/300 parts exhangeability?

What years 250/300/360/380 engines have interchangeable parts?

If it's not the same for all parts, what about the cylinders?

I have both a 96 300 and a 00 250. Will a 98 380 exc cylinder fit the 96? Will my 96 cylinder fit the 00?

Will the 380 cylinder perform with the 250/300 pipe?

How does the 380 exc ride? is it nice and torquey down low and come smooth like the 300 or is it a hard hitting monster from hell?

one more question,

is there any guide on how much you can bore out each cylinder? I assume you can't bore the 66.4mm 250 out to the 78mm 380.

the 300 is 72mm, the 360 is aparently 78mm also? did they change stroke one year?

Cylinders are hard to come by, i'm just thinking a bore and replate may be cheaper.

bump, any idea guys?

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