Lightest battery? any weight saving tips

After the lightest smallest functional battery, i took off the headlight, any tips on saving weight dropping lbs kg's,

Not trying to be a smart alec, but consider loosing weight. Your will be paying 100's of $$ to loose a pound or two on your bike.

A Li battery is a smart way to save several lbs plus get better, longer lasting battery performance.


Linky no worky.

After the lightest smallest functional battery, i took off the headlight, any tips on saving weight dropping lbs kg's,

Four LiFePO4 cells in series (from A123). You can hook them right up to your bike's existing 2-wire charging system.


my weight is 160lbs, what about taking off the radiator reserve?

my weight is 160lbs, what about taking off the radiator reserve?

If you ride tight stuff not a great idea. If you ride track or wide open stuff over heating is not generally a problem.

my weight is 160lbs, what about taking off the radiator reserve?

Two reasons why thats a bad idea...

1. There is no denying your bike will run just fine when its running at normal temps without the reservoir but if you over heat, instead of collecting the fluid it will piss it out onto the ground instead. If you had the reservoir, you could shut the bike down, let it cool down and the fluid will be sucked back into your radiator and your ready to go again.

To sum it up, if you keep the reservoir, your bike will be able to over heat several times before you have a critical issue. If you have no reservoir, you might only be able to get one over heat before your screwed.

I'll add this, the spot where this is going to happen won't be easy to get out of and generally when you ride a bike into a place that creates an over heat condition, your not 30 seconds from your truck.

2. Are you prepared to check your coolant level at the cap before every ride and even during breaks? The reservoir level should be stable at all times..... unless you have a leak in your cooling system. Many times the only way you will notice a pin hole leak is when you see the coolant level dropping in the resevoir.

I have an R for track and an X for Enduros. The X felt like a fat Pig in comparison. I stripped off the Kickstand, aftermarket skid plate, aftermarket handguards, Rad. reserve tank, headlight, changed stock muffler, and handlebars. What a difference! It felt lighter and definately handled better. I even changed the tank but changed my mind and put the stock tank back on. If it had that skinny R feel the X would be a much racier feeling bike. As for losing bodyweight, that does nothing for making a bike feel racier and handle better. Dropping the stock muffler and headlight, being heavy and high centered, makes the most difference. Leave the Estart function, for tight A loops, it is nice to have.

I'm using the Super B battery. It's been great, BUT I can't say I notice the weight difference in the handing department. Don't get me wrong, it IS much lighter, it just doesn't have a "wow!" factor after installation.

I would suggest getting rid of the stock x exhaust can. That thing weighs like 7lbs compared to the R can which is right around 3 1/2 pounds (It's been a while since I weighed them, but it's close). I know this isn't what you are going for, but I also took out my battery which is quite heavy. I figure by losing the stock x can, battery, and headlight I've shaved off nearly 10lbs.

You just have to weigh the plusses and minuses of each thing you remove or add to your bike and go from there. So far I don't mind kicking my bike because it starts really easy, but if I were going to ride some super tight crazy stuff I'd probably put the battery back in.


I never ran the battery because of the weight. I just ordered the turntech from Brapp off road, it's (.9) pound, I heard stock is 3.5. Bike starts right up but I got passed by soo many guys on two stalls in a recent hare scramble that I want the magic button to work since the starter is there.

I ordered a Lexx slip on muffler from RMMC to lighten up a bit. Took my muffler off and weighed them side by side. Lexx was (.6) lighter, they said it can be up to 3.5 lbs. lighter. For 199 bucks I packed it up and returned it, not the weight gain I expected to see, nice pipe though. Thats more than 200 bucks and not even a pound lighter, a little mud could add way more than that. hope this helps

I dont know what sound and spark arrester requirements are in NY but a stock R muffler is a wise choice.

i have a dr.d slip on i dont know the weight savings but it has to be around five pounds, compared to stock

my weight is 160lbs, what about taking off the radiator reserve?

I removed mine along with all the hoses and installed a high pressure rad cap.

Never had a problem overheating and losing fluid.

I would simply switch to a battery like the turntech, about 100 US. I bought the 2.5 amp model about a year ago. Riding on average once a week it has never let me down.. (even using a Athena 280 kit) If you add that up with a Q exhaust the weight savings is great. Combined I could feel the weight savings, not like an R but better than before. I assume it is because the weight saved is all high up on the bike.

Here is what I achieved during my weight loss program for my 2007 CRF250X. keep in mind that I mainly ride MX track.

- Changed stock 18" rear wheel to stock R rear wheel - saved 1.4 lbs

- swapped stock exhaust for FMF MegaBomb and FMF4.1 - 2.3 lbs

- smaller items removed (kick stand, front light & number plate - replce with

R # plate, rear light/fender repalce with R fender, rad overflow bottle,

odometer, California emissions equipment, changed to non o-ring chain, R

fuel tank) - saved 7 lbs.

Total savings of 11.9 lbs.

The battery would be the big savings but I like the E-start.

My most noticeable change so far was going to the R fuel tank - not from a weight savings perspective but from a better feel while riding perspective.

Everyone says - get an R if these are your goals and I agree with this but I have my specific, personal reasons for going with an X.

Wow, never thought of switching to the R tank. A buddy has the R and the tank does not wrap around the frame like the X. From a rider feeling it could be worth the phycological weight gain in stead of actual weight.

I think the R is 1.9 and X 2.1 gal., have to check.

Wonder if the R tank will take a reserve petcock from the X? Nice to know you have a little extra.

Shrouds different?

R shrouds fit around the X radiators? time to search

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