1998 RM250 spark problem

i noticed on my bike i bought today the spark plug cap wasnt fully on the spark plug. went to go push it on wouldnt go on easy. had to force it on. i tryed kicking it to see if i could see a spark on the plug and saw nothing... does the spark plug need to be touching the engine to spark? or do you think i got a bad spark plug cable?

the type of spark plug i got on it is a NGK BRges

also the park plug cap came off the wire. i just pushed it back on, is that alright?

The cap screws into the spark plug wire. Standard thread so screw it right for tight. You may need to take a pair of side cutters and clip about a 1/4 inch off the plug wire. There is a wood type screw in the plug cap that threads into the wire and after time or someone jerking it out, it wont screw in and stay. Clipping the wire will give you something for the cap to hold on to. Don't clip to much!!

I think since you got problems already from the cap not wanting to go on the plug, that you should replace the cap. A bad plug cap will cause spark problems.

And yes, the plug need to be grounded when checking for spark. Lay the threads on the head or head bolt and kick it over. Lay a clean shop rag over the spark plug hole, just in case the bike is flooded so gas wont spray out. May light it up if you get spark and fuel spraying around. Happen to me once many years ago, and that was a leason I will never forget. :thumbsup: Save the bike, but man I was running around like a dumb ass in circles for a few seconds :blah:.

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