KLX250 94 complete front upgrade

Hi, I have just bought a KLX250 from 94 with conventional forks. I have read everything I could about conversion to better, read KX forks.

But every post is for KLX with USD.

So now I have an offer to buy a complete KX125-93 front with triple clamps, forks, caliper and wheel.

Will this work? I am most concerned about steering head. Anyone knows if KX forks is longer than conventional?

I have no intention to spend 400$ on something that I cant use.

The KX125 forks are 1.25" longer than the stock USD KLX forks so I would guess that they are longer than the conventional forks.

Another thing to check is the inside and outside diameters of the steering bearings to assure compatibility.

Ride on


Bearings are the same on KLX250 and KLX300. But it´s not the same on KX and KLX. So I think I need these parts from a KLX300

44037 44037-1291 HOLDER-FORK UNDER

44039 44039-1240 HOLDER-FORK UPPER

Or better by a used one from ebay. Just have to find someone who will ship to SWEDEN.

Then I could choose a USD fork, and choose even a WP fork.

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