04 upgrades plz help

Ok so I got an 04 with a full chm exhaust on it.. I was wondering on what motor mod I should get for xmas that's around the 150 price range that would add a good bang for the buck.? I was considering a cam but an not sure since I got stock valves and springs. And I also was thinking power now but not sure it worth it.. what do u guys think is good for 150 or so and would do good bang for buck? Thanks

If it doesn't have any suspension work done to it, that's the best bang for the buck. You can throw some nitros on it, but if you can't ride the bike to it's potential, it's worthless.

It helps to know that type of riding you do. If you're just ripping it up and down the street, there's all kinds of tricks to make it faster and suspension doesn't come into play at that point. Know what I mean?

not all aftermarket cams requires aftermarket valves and springs, unless you're planing on using some serious lift cams

I would invest my money in getting the suspension set up real nice first. Like charlie said you can have all the power but it wont help unless you have good suspension.

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