WR450f 2003 starter upgrade problem

Hi Guys,

Greetings from Poland :thumbsup: I've read posts from the archive and I found that to do a starter upgrade mod I need:

5TJ-15560-00-00 - no1. on this image http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/2005/WR450FT%20WR450F/STARTER%20CLUTCH/parts.html I have bought used one from quad yfz450 2005 (new costs 440$ at Yamaha Poland!)

5TJ-1549B-00-00 - Yamaha wants ~50$ for it here in Poland so I will try to find used or aluminium tuning cover (have you seen a shop with it - shipping to Poland?)

90201-105A8-00 - the same are with the old starter so I've got it :blah:

90380-10002-00 - bushes (one or two? where I should install it?)

The wr450.com does not exist anymore so I can't find how to do a mod.

Regards, James

I just did this mod a couple of months ago. Assuming you have the parts, the bushing goes in the hole in the case, so the new expensive starter clutch thingie will fit properly. Pound it in carefully with a wooden handle of some sort. It is not hard to do.

The washers go on both sides of the new clutch thingie. As far as the cover, you definitely need the more bulbous one.

Total time to do the mod is 15 minutes.

Thanks, now all is clear and seems simple :blah: I have bought on ebay parts from yfz quad - the idler, the clutch and the bulbous cover. Now I only need the bushing - maybe someone from thumpertalk can measure it and I will do it myself?

Can I (after doing this mod) start cold engine by e-start or is it risky?

So happy that I will have magic button :thumbsup:

The Bushing, part number 90380-10002-00, does not appear on the Yamaha parts microfiche for WR450F motorcycles. You can see the Bushing on the parts microfiche for 2009-2011 YFZ450R's, Crank Case item #4. The Bushing is not expensive, $.99 (dlls US). I would order it and call it a Quad part. Once you install the upgraded Starter Clutch, you can use the electric starter anytime.

starter idler gear from quad yfz doesn't fit :thumbsup: maybe some one got the right one to wr?

I think that what is happening is that you are confused because Yamaha used the same name for different parts in different years. In addition, I used the incorrect name for parts also. Let me try to clear up the confusion.

The parts required to do the modification are the Damper Assembly, part number 5TJ-15560-00-00; Cover Assembly 2, part number 5TJ-1549B-00-00; O-ring, part number 93210-58346-00; Washer Plate, part number 90201-105A8-00 (2 each) and Bushing, part number 90380-10002-00 all from a 2004 WR450F.

You are going to replace parts that are on your 2003 WR450F. Remove and throw away Gear Idler 1, part number 5TJ-15512-00-00; Cover 2, part number 5TJ-15423-00-00 and O-ring, part number 93210-57428-00.

To incorporate the modification do the following:

1. Remove the 2003 WR450F parts listed above from your motorcycle.

2. Install the new 2004 WR450f parts listed above on to your

motorcycle as follows:

a. Install the new Bushing by gently tapping the Bushing into

the hole in Crank Case 1 where you removed Idler Gear 1.

b. Place one of the Washers Plate on each side of the

Damper Assembly.

c. Install the Damper Assembly into the Bushing in Crank Case 1

while meshing the gear teeth into Gear Idler 2.

d. Install the O-ring on Cover Assembly 2.

e. Install Cover Assembly 2 on Crank Case 1.

You can not complete the modification if you do not have the Bushing, part number 90380-10002-00. This is because the shaft that the new Damper Assembly, part number 5TJ-15560-00-00 spins on is smaller in diameter than the shaft on Gear Idler 1, part number 5TJ-15512-00-00. You install the Bushing, part number 90380-10002-00 into Crank Case 1 to provide a tight fit for the 2004 Damper Assembly.

You say, "starter idler gear from quad yfz doesn't fit maybe some one got the right one to wr?"

Have you used a part name incorrectly? You do not change the original Gear Idler 2 on the motorcycle. The Damper Assembly is the important part and it replaces Gear Idler 1 on your 2003 motorcycle. The part numbers for the 2005 YZF450 quad and the 2004 WR50F motorcycle show that they use the same Damper Assembly. Ignor the first three characters in the part number

(5TG 5TJ) they indicate the model and year. The rest of the part number is the important part 15560-00-00.

Hi BajaFool,

It's Damper Assembly 5TG-15560-00-00 (yfz450 2005) http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/moto-recyclers/ATV/YFZ/YFZ450_06_08_Q/YFZ4504707Engine049.jpg[/img]"]YFZ4504707Engine049.jpg

I don't have a bushing yet so I can be wrong but not also the shaft is different, also the quanity of inside sprocket teeth of Damper Assembly is greater then in old 5TJ-15512-00-00 or 5TJ-15560-00-00 so I think they not be working with Gear Idler 2 in my WR (the gear idler 2 and so the case in quad yfz are different :thumbsup:

I just spoke to my dealer, Motoworld of El Cajon in El Cajon, California. They told me that the 15560 portion of the part number indicates that the part is a Damper across all product lines. However, the first three positions, if different, could make the part not interchangeable. So, yes you have the wrong part. They will ship parts to Europe. http://www.motoworldracing.com/shop.htm

Thanks BajaFool. So I must sell two Damper Assembly 5TG-15560-00-00 and buy the right one 5TJ to wr :/ Price is better than in Poland so I will buy one from your dealer. Or maybe someone selling the used part? I don't have much money :thumbsup:

Does Anyone wants some parts to quad yfz? :blah:

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