03 YZ250 what will it take to put 07 450 forks on it

I have access to a 07 450 that I am selling. Can I change out the forks between the two bikes or would I have to get new triple clamps or can I just swap the whole front ends?

I assume there is no way to swap shocks. The suspension is so much better on the 07 450 and I am selling it so I would love to swap the suspension or at least the forks. Can anyone tell me what exactly it would take to do this?


Im pretty sure it doesn't take anything. As long as you use the same triple clams, wheel, axle and spacers. Although the valving and the spring rates arent gonna be right with it being on the 250. The stems for the 250 2stroke and the 450 are identical

Triple clamps won't fit direct as stops are different on the ally and steel frames. Stem will probably be a different length(They definetly are on the 05YZ to 09YZF swop I just did). The forks are different diamter also. On the 250 you could use 04 clamps and then the forks wil bolt right on, will have to tweak the wheel spacers for the different fork spacing but that would be it.Caliper wil bolt straight on. 03 forks on the 07 will require shimming to take up the play in the clamps and would look obviously wrong with the guards all being the old type and non twin chanber etc.

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