Noss FCR Adaptor for XR650L?

Are people useing the TRX450R adaptor to put the FCR40 on the L?

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Are people useing the TRX450R to put the FCR40 on the L?
I have no idea what using the TRX450R to put the FCR 40 on the L means but your headline says Noss adapter so I'm guessing you're asking if the Noss adapter is necessary. Answer, no. But it does make things a little easier in my opinion, it is necessary to lengthen the carb and that's what the adapter does and it corrects a slight offset between the carb and air boot going to the airbox. If you do decide to get one you can assemble it with silicon and not the recommended jb weld or epoxy. Remember to mark the air jets location on the outside of the adapter and carb so when you put the two together you get the holes to line up. HTH

I only see an adaptor listed for a TRX450 install on there web site, but have seen post listing the 'noss adaptor" as an easy way to get the carb to fit, so maybe the question should have been which noss adaptor are people useing on the 650L. My email to them has gone unanswered.

I got the phone number off their website and called them with the same question. Told them I have a 650L and FCR-MX, the guy I talked to, which was the owner, said get the ATV adapter, I'm guessing the TRX450. You should call to verify of course. Glad to hear another L gets a pumper! big difference.

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