06 TTR-125 won't go into gear

Thinking of buying it for my wife as a 1st bike.

It's an 06 TTR-125 electric start, starts and runs, but won't go into gear.

asking price 650, + $350 needed in repairs according to the owner.

Any clue what could be wrong with it?

Are the TTR know for having troublesome gearbox?

Should I stay away from this deal?

there's another (working) one selling for 750 but it's an 03. Is it worth it or does it seem kinda high for a 03?



I got my wifes 04 for $600 with a brand new motor in it so that seems a little high. If it just wont shift in gear it probably has bent shift forks but that may have also messed up some gears or shafts. Could possibly be fixed for $350 if you can do ALL the work yourself. If you have to take it too a shop it will easily be in the $700+ range.

It could also be as simple as the shifter shaft is pushed in too far. This happens when the bike is dropped or wrecked on the side of the shifter. The shaft pushes in too far and won't engage the star wheel.

You can pull on the shifter and see if it moves, but usually you open up the clutch cover and push the shaft back towards the stator side. Usually this can be done by hand.


^^^ what he said i had to adjust the shift lever shaft on mine after a lil incident backing the lawnmower into the shed, it would shift into 1st and 2nd but thats it, its a simple fix all you need is a allen wrench and some pliers

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