09 yz 450. What to do?

Trying to learn some about my suspension. Have 75 hours on my 09 with stock fluid. I am gonna change the fluid but while I am at it should I repspring? I am 220# with gear all mx slow b class rider. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!! What type of oil do the suspension gurus recomend I use and what levels? Thanks guys!


If you really plan to ride MX, you def need to respring. I have the same bike and weigh the same. I run 5.8kg rear and .48kg front.

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Definitely a respring, and I would at least go with a rebuild, i.e. bushings, seals, seal head, bumper, etc. With 75 hours on stock oil, it is time to freshen up.

You can try the 215.Vm2.K5 fork and shock fluid by Smart Performance.:thumbsup:

It is some very roboust fluid. It looks like you run a lot of hours on your

suspension fluid so this stuff will be up your alley. pm sent:thumbsup:

Slodog, whos springs are you using? Being the same weight did your sag work out correctly? Also what type of fluid wold yall recomend? Thanks!!

Slowdog did you have to revalve the rebound to use the .48 fork springs?

I'm a slow A class racer now but a fast vet, I weigh 215 and have been using the stock springs . I have wanted to try heavy springs but didn't know how far to go up the scale.

How does the rear feel with the new spring? Did it effect the turning?


Does your sag work out correctly with that spring setup? Or any one else weigh 220 or so in full gear with same bike? Would like to get the correct springs on the first go. Thanks a bunch!

I weigh 195-200 in street clothes, intermediate mx rider, and I got a variety of recommendations for springs from different companies for my 09yz. FC recommended .50 and 5.6, FEAL, recommended .49 and 5.8, and rg3 recommended .48 and 5.7 or 5.8. RG3 has 20%off on all services right now, and they are 10 minutes from my house so im going with them for a rebuild/valve with springs, ill let you know how it works out.

Thanks for the comeback. We weigh the same, would love to know how your springs work out for ya! Thanks.

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