New rings or not

Hey guys need some advice. My bike has started to burn a touch of oil. I can't really afford new rings atm so i was thinking of whipping the cyliner off and taking the glaze off with some scotchbrite then lobbing it back together. I know it sounds a but cheap but money is tighter atm. Not sure if doing this will actually help or make the problem worse. I know you should change the rings each time the pistn comes out the bore etc but its not really an option. Or should i just leave it alone?


well hows the compression of the engine? It may also be the valve seals that oil may be getting by... best bet is to just pull it apart check her out. And always a rule of thumb when you have got the cylinder off freshen it up with a set of rings and take the glaze off with scotchbrite or hone it out lightly.

If you can't afford new rings then you probably can't afford gaskets either. Just keep on riding. Dont put it back together with the same old rings.

Oil is cheap.. from what your posting.... .. Don’t touch it.. Ride the bike until you can afford to repair/rebuild it correctly.

From what you posted,,, I see this ending badly... and a follow up thread in a few weeks asking about the price of good used ebay engines.

thought as much. cheers again guys

you will make it worse.

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