Looking for a stock tank for a WR250/300

Anyone happen to have one they would consider selling? 06 or newer, perferably 08 or newer so it's black instead of grey.

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Do you have a non-stock one? I might be interested in trading if you have an oversize IMS or something to fit my '09 WR300...

I have a 09 stock tank I am willing to sell. PM me.

Gerald @ Upstate Cycle (in SC) has a TE tank with shourds for sale on consignement. Not sure if this would work for you or not?

check out cafe husky somebody over there was posting in the 2 stroke forum about wanting to get rid of one.

Just be sure that you are getting a good one! There were some issues with stock tanks leaking. I had a couple brand new ones that were bad but fortunately they were warranted.


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