klx 300 help

I have a 2003 klx 300 and its not running right. It won't idle without the choke on.with the choke on it will idle but everytime I crack the throttle it will either die or it will stutter and take a few seconds for it to rev up. Not sure what is wrong so any help would be appreciated.

A restricted pilot jet in the carb could cause those symptoms.

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I'm not to mechanically inclined. I kno that's in the carb but where exactly is it and how would I fix it?

Here's a diagram of the carb.


The pilot jet is 92064.

Remove the carb from the bike. Take the bottom off of the carb. Remove the pilot jet and inspect the hole through it. The hole is very small and can easily get a bit of crud in it, restricting the flow of gas at idle to about 1/4 slide opening.

Another thing to check is the clearance on the intake valves. With use, the clearance gets smaller and smaller until there is no clearance.

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