Moab Utah Tours?

Hey guys! I'm comming over for a visit from the DRZ forum to ask if anyone knows about the Salt Lake City area of Utah. I will be going there on business the last of this month and hope to stay an extra day to see Moab, the Red Rocks, etc. CAB on the DRZ forum suggested that I try here for a tour group that works out of Salt Lake City. Any info would be appreciated. I heard that somebody has KDX's to rent and I would really be interested in that. (3 timer KDX owner.) I nearly bought one of them again! I still might! The DRZ reminds me of a KDX on steriods with a magic button! :)

Thanks for your help. Vito

hey vito,

[This message has been edited by offroadhaus (edited 04-11-2001).]

Thanks. I sent them an e mail. I appreciate you getting back to me. Vito


i hit post instead of reply . check out subject;moab on the 14th


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