air box

on my crf 250x the recommendation is to cut the top of the airbox out. eveything i have found about the 150 f is to remove the snorkel. is it not ok to cut out the air box top? i will be rejetting and exhaust as well.

You can cut it out but it wont make any difference. How much air do you think a CRF 150 f needs?

like i said, in the 250 forums its recommeded to cut it over just removing the snorkle, so i would assume it makes a difference. didnt know if the same applied to the 150. im new into dirt bikes and dont wanna screw anything up.

I wouldn't waste time cutting it since removing the snorkel adds a lot of air flow anyways

If you wanted toe test it, you could just remove the side panel that you use to change the air filter, and do a test ride. If you think it gains power, then by all means go ahead and cut the top

I cut the top of my 230's airbox. No huge difference between completely cut open and just the snorkel removed.

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