Largest race in terms of race entries....

Just curious about this across the nation and at a global level for massive starts.

For example, my club, Stumpjumpers has been putting on the Desert 100 in Washington and over the 40 years, it has grown to a massive smoke-bomb start of over a 1000 racers.

Anyone else have a 1000 entries?

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GNCC may have a higher bike count.

I think there were 560 in my amature race alone (Ironman in Crawfordsville, IN - last series race of the year). Plus a youth race in the morning, pro race in the afternoon. Over 1000 bikes, but it's three races same day on same course , class starts - not a giant smoke bomb, that would be awesome. Close to that many quads the day before.

I imagine those courses get hammered with that many riders doing lap after lap.

I was thinking in terms of mass start.... :thumbsup:

B to V in the 80's...i would say not to many even close to 1000

my fav Dez100 Start vid

What about the Erzberg Enduro (Erzberg Rodeo), an average of 1500 riders start the main event and only around 10 finish, but up to 6000 riders compete in various events related to the main event over 4 days leading up to the main event.

the biggest mass start ive been is was in the TARAWERA 100mile in new zealand, i think there was around 500 riders all starting at the same time. what a rush!

Baja also brings out thousands of competitors but its not all bikes, Elsinore GP usually brings out a couple thousand competitors as well.

Ya really don't know how big your balls are til ya get in the middle of a HUGE mass start. :thumbsup:

Back in the day, the Plaster City, CA hare scrambles would regularly start nearly 2000 riders. I was on a 3-wheeler :blah:

...and here I am thinking 45 on the gate was a lot!!!! hahaha

The swedish Gotland grand national is advertised as the worlds largest enduro race, but the biggest number of people allowed starting in a class is 900 due to safety regulations.

The race is a 3-hour format, and the track is ca. 20 km -just do as many laps you can :thumbsup:

Here's my vid, the low alt flyby shows how long that start line is. We were moving at a pretty good clip.

Cant wait for 2011.

Thats an awesome view, what song was that though? I know I should remember the title, but I cant and its driving me nuts.

Time by Pink Floyd

The 1974 Barstow to Vegas race had over 3200 bikes.


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