1st 400f got questions

hey guys im trading my 96 yamaha wr 250 for a 99 yz400f my wr is a woods machine (flywheel weight, skid plate, enduro engineering hand guards, headlight, fmf gnarly,powercore 2,etc) the 400f is all stock kid says it needs a carb clean up clutch cable and rear tube i got feeling im gonna end up puttin alot into it but ive always wanted one anyways i wanted to ask a few questions,, 1.whats best cheap mods? ive heard about the cam mod for the hot start and the 450 plastic mod any others?

2.should i buy the stealthy complete flywheel weight or the bolt on weight?

3. the kid has a wr pipe on it i wana eliminate that and get a decent slip on whats best one for the bike?

4. im all new to 4 smokes what else should i add to make it a woods machine? i dont wana mellow it out too much becuase where i ride and race has long field sections as well as single track. any answers will help thanks everybody!

I have a 98 400 and here's what I have done to it. FMF power bomb header and powercore 4, moose skidplate, TM designworks guide and slider, good chain, 14-50 gearing, acerbis hand guards. I also put all new plastic, graphics, and seat cover on it. That exhaust will really wake the bike up and it will make more power everywhere. Definetely do the whole exhaust because the stock header sucks and blocks oil filter access.This bike does exceptionally well in tight trails and I really like it. It is geared great for trails but 5th will be slow for real fast stuff, as with most mx gearboxes. This bike is far from mellow on power. It actually is very aggressive and has a degree of brutality to it but can also putt like an xr with great bottom end torque when the going gets slow. I compared it to an 06 crf450r and an 05 yz450 and I liked this bike better for off road. The carb is the tricky part of these bikes and the hardest to get correct but once it is it works very well. There is a start ritual on YouTube and once you understand how to do it starting becomes real easy. Mine starts very easy hot, cold, whatever so I never changed the cam. If you are willing to spend some time and money they make great bikes and are very reliable. Being 4 st it will have a different balance and feel in the woods and some poeple call them heavy but I think it does pretty well. There are people who will argue this for ever but the bike will be a step up in power from a 250 two stroke. Most of them don't own a 400 or both to compare. I also own a cr500 and a crf450x and have competed and rode many two strokes over the years. I took the yz400 out last week and did some wfo hill climbing and I am still amazed the power that thing puts out.

hey thank you! i just traded today fortunatley i got to ride my cousins 400f a year ago just breifly and it was insane. well heres the scoop on this bike. as is: pro taper bars applied top triple clamp (spray painted black oem clamps) but according to kid applied. acerbis plastic bark busters aka shit some garbage yamaha seat cover. scrached up plastics blue weisco hi comp piston has a wr silencer becuase the kid tryed 2 cut down the stock one n couldnt spend money n buy a new correct one. the bad: 1. fork seals 2. plastics beat 3. suspension feels clapped out. 4. needs tires and a rear tube. 5. gonna need a lever set front brake is broken off and hot start a nub. 6. i dont like the exaust system. 7. gonna need a tune up carb needs rebuilt the bike is hard to start (i know thats a common issue but i cant deal with that and i know it could be valves and or carb problem) 8. couldnt ride it but how the kid rode my wr and the vibe i got is one of them kids who beat bike into ground dont invest anything and trade off so prolly needs clutch plates. im sure it needs a ton of bearings but the swingarm and steer stem are good i plan to grease all that. so im gona have a fun winter but as of now shes in the basment washed up. i have another question can i use the yz450f hot start and carb to eliminate the knob on the carb? and i was online looking at pipes and i really liked the HMF system my buddy had on his 250f could i use the 426 slip on on my 400? again thank you for any imput and im adding pics of this thing in a minute

also i have owned a 97 cr 250r a 79 ktm 250 a rm 125 and 250 a 2001 kx 250 with a 93 kx500 engine so i know what 500 power is like and a 03 gas gas ec 250 so i know what smooth power is and this wr i just traded was like the almost perfect balance just not enough down low for me

Four smoke ?? Thats an interesting one !! Also, you traded a bike that was perfectly running, well set up for the riding that you do for a YZ400 that needs a LOT of work. You are a brave, brave man !!

the wr was almost perfect but ive always wanted a yz400f i figured if doug henry can win on one so can i lol. but the wr was getting old so i figured when i go to sell the 400f itl be worth more so wel see what happens!

The yz400 is still a pretty neat bike. It sounds like this is a restoration project. I bought mine as a non running project too. I started taking it apart and things looked real good so I got it started and it has been running perfect ever since, I got lucky. I am going to rebuild it at some piont. I personally would take time and money to do it right and that might take alot. It would be nice to have a bike to ride until it is finished. It won't handle like the new 450's but it is a really fun reliable bike when it is right.

im a firm beliver in rider technique over bike quality i mean a bike has to handle decent but weight and etc are all things you can overcome. update on the project: new pirellis mounted all linkage bearings and triple clamp bearings greased and carb and forks are going to smiths powersports tuesday to get rebuilt and jetted

I agree completely. I have a 96 cr500 I am ultra comfortable with riding. The only time I feel like I am lacking is with suspension. I have not had it revalved yet and it and my yz400 will buck and kick like an angry mule in rock gardens and heavily rooted trails. My crf450x will just plow over everything at blazing speed and you almost don't notice anything ever. I wish I could put the forks and shock from one on my cr500.

belive it or not i built a cr500x it was an awesome bike my dad rides it now its a crf450x with a cr500 motor. im having my suspension done by fcr for 200lb agressive but i weigh 165 i set all my bikes up like that

well took the first ride today! 1st thing i noticed was how restrictive the pipe feels (wr400f silencer) suspension is wonderful!! 2nd thing im gonna end up doin the 450 cam mod this thing is like kicking a steel beam i can kick it tho i use the 426 starting tech i learned from a video. 3rd thing im gona get a flywheel weight becuase it stalled in some turns in the woods but i could work on my technique and avoid that. 4th a big tank for long enduro training. and 5th a new plastic and cheap graphics kit would be nice. my basments gettin full lol got my 400f a 1990 wr 250 and my buddies gas gas now my dad got a rmx450z and is giving me his 2001 yz 250 cant beat that right? free! needs small things but hes owned it since new but i cant decide what im gona do with it do i make it a motocross only or off road only? what do you think? and the 400f

if money is tight find a stock YZ silencer. No need to drop big dollars on a pipe to get your bike to run like it was ment to

thats what i had in mind max power but now that the bike is older parts are gettin cheaper used some guy on here messaged me about a dsp system for 75 bucks

update: its 6:30 am here after a pot of coffe and all night awake ive decided im goin out for one last ride before the 400 gets tore down got studded tires on gona be a fun day

got another update ive decided to sell the 400f and here are my reasons.

1.its very heavy

2.to make it how i want it its gonna cost more money than i planned on spending

3.its not a very popular model for aftermarket companies.

4.my dad gave me his 2001 yz250 and i think if i either keep it or sell both i can get sumthin that better suits me

5.hard to start and under pressure i think itl be possible rembering the routine.

i know there are ways to make it look like a 450 and i think thats great for the guys riding theese things but i think i should stick to what im good on and right now thats a two stroke.

my next question is how much is it worth? im gonna put new tires on and a new top end as it sits its stock except for applied triple clamp and renthal 7/8's with enduro engineering evoloution bark busters. im gona put new plastic on it a new chain and sprockets and tires no leaks on engine it will have zero hours on top end when i sell it and if i can find a cheap silencer it will have a stock silencer not the wr one. so whats fair? 2000? i think 2k is a good price what do you think? probably im an ediot for trading huh lmao

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