2008 450 v 07 450 ?

Hi everyone , I'm coming back to a 450 Suzuki after riding my friends 07 450 i'm going to look at an 08 , is there much of a difference i know they a totally differnt machines ,also is there anything comon problems with 08's .

The '08 is much different than the '07. My buddy has a '07 and a '10 and I have an '08. The '08-'11s have a different frame, bodywork, EFI, and 5-speed tranny. They handle as good if not better than the '07 and have a stronger motor. A better overall package than the '07. You will be happy with the '08. It is pretty much bullet proof if you take care of it.

Have there been many problems with the fuel injection ?

Not one hickup since I purchased it. Sept. '08. It takes a few more kicks to get it fired up when cold. But when warm it is one kick. Throttle response is fantastic.

Oh my god more that 1 kick no no dont get a suzuki,LOL just kidding. I have an 08 also and no problems so far but I only have mine about 6 months. And yes the throttle responce is spot on.

The '08 is worlds better. You will need to update the fuel map as all of the '08's (and '09's) came mapped rich. From there you will want to replace the plastic radiator T fitting that's behind the right radiator. Also, there are a few '08's (mine included) that had a fuel pump connector vibrate loose. It's worth the time and effort to pull the pump and make sure that the pump wire terminal ends have a good bite.

After those three things have been addressed ~ you are golden.

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