XR650L vs. DRZ400s

Hey everyone, i'm new to this forum. I've been riding dirt bikes for 23yrs & currently ride an '01 CR 250. I want to get into dual sport & ride the LA-Barstow-Vegas in the next year or two.

Ive never ridden either of these bikes. I trust both to be reliable. I want my bike set up to be geared toward mostly dirt & I understand i'll have to put some money into both to make them mostly dirt oriented. Looks like they both need the same upgrades, like bars, bigger tank, better looking tail lights, suspension work, jetting, etc. I have $3500 to spend on the bike itself (not including mods) so euro bikes are out of the picture.

I'm young & tough (or dumb), so ergonomics & the weight of the bike arent a top concern, but money is. Which bike am I going to have to put the least amount of money into to make it a serious trail bike? Which would you buy?

DRZ 400, For 3500 you should be able to find one set up and ready to go.

I own a xr 650 L, Its a fine bike and can do any thing the DRZ can, buts its heavy and the DRZ has better suspension.

Neither, get a nice well sorted XR650R for $3000:thumbsup:


Dirt or Desert?

I have a feeling the term 'DIRT' has different meanings in Nevada than it does in the muddy, rutted, tree rooted eastern mountains. :thumbsup:

The 650L

Its better at hi speeds and alot more durable ....... also no radatiors

I've had both. I had the XRL first and really liked it for street and fire-roads. It was a bit too tall for methough. My wife has a slightly modded DRZ "S" w/yosh pipe and 3x3 mod that just spanked my stock XRL. AFter that , I got a Ca plated drz-"E" model. Slightly different animal than the "S" with different cams, exhaust, etc. I love the DRZ as a do it all bike, and will continue to utilize the extensive aftermarket to make it even better.

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