87' kawasaki KX125

This is my newest project for the winter, I found this on craigslist and the guy who owned it bought it new in 87' and just lightly trail ridden the thing sat for years at a time without even being started. It has never ringed or anything not even the chain and sprockets. I will be setting this up for vintage racing. If anyone knows anything about this bike, please let me know. I raced against these in the 80's and while I was riding Honda and always liked how they went. I would like to upgrade the forks so if anyone knows what would fit from other kawasaki's it would be appriciated. Just finished a 94' Honda CR125






Looks good. I would just spring/valve the suspension to your liking. If you install newer upside down forks you may get disqualified from a vintage race. The rule is usually any parts that are stock or were available aftermarket in that era. So if you roll up with some twin chambers you'll probobly piss someone off.

I race down at Budds Creek vet/vintage, try to get there every year. I was racing vet until I picked up my 94 KX250. Hopefully that will be done for 2011. I just bought a pig XT500 I'm going to turn into a MX bike an run the 70's open, I'm gonna ring the snot out that Yami...don't even care if it blows up. :thumbsup:

Check out Nighmare Racing for parts.

WOW!! That is a super nice find!

You can see Jeekinz post on the parts diagrams to see the parts diagrams on the Kawasaki site. If you don't already have an owner/service manual, you can find one on eBay for cheap.

On swapping front ends, how much room is there between the top of the triple clamp or fork tube and the fuel tank? More modern forks are larger, causing them to be closer to the tank. They take up room that is in the current gap. This is a problem on the 1995+ KDX's with conventional forks.

I think the KX125 was not rated as highly as the CR125 that year in the magazines.


I was only interested in the conventional forks off of a kx 250 around the same year,but will just up grade the stock ones.Just put 07 Showas on my 94 cr125 honda and it was,t easy.Pics on the Honda 2 stroke page under 94 cr125. Dave

That bike looks great...........love the vintage stuff........

The 1987 forks were the last of the damper rod style forks. 1988 and newer are cartridge style. 1988 forks have the same 43mm diameter inner, chrome tubes. 1989 has 46mm tubes and were the lst year in the USA for conventional KX forks.

Awesome bike! I vote to keep it stock as possible and just try to find the springs for your weight.

I had a 1988 and loved it. I regret selling already (sold in September).

I will most likely go with RaceTech gold valves and stiffer springs.There is a cycle salvage near by and he has a zillion pairs of forks all labled from very old bikes.I have a 2010 ktm 250xcf thats starting to collect dust, love these vintage bikes.Just about completed a 94 cr125 and will probably sell so I can focus on the KX. Dave

awesome kx love the unitrack and blue seat. :thumbsup:

The 1987 forks were the last of the damper rod style forks. 1988 and newer are cartridge style. 1988 forks have the same 43mm diameter inner, chrome tubes. 1989 has 46mm tubes and were the lst year in the USA for conventional KX forks.

at least in Europe 1989 they had upsidedown forks. but the chance is good that 1988 forks will fit. and cartridge forks really should be an improvement over rod style forks...

nevertheless....nice bike :thumbsup:

That is freakin' sweet!

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