dr 200 performance.

Hi all . I'm new to thumper talk , and am wondering if anyone out there has any performance parts for my 2007 dr 200. Something along the lines of , exhaust , jetting , and air box modifications. if anyone knows of any good products please fill me in. thanx .. Grozzydr200.:thumbsup:

http://kientech.com/ has a few items that will add a little more grunt to the DR200. The owners, Jesse and Janet, are some of the best people you will ever work with! Lots and lots of happy customers.

Hello everyone. I have a bit of an issue . My dog has decided that the seat on my dr 200 looks quite delicious and has taken a large chunk out of it. I have been searching for an aftermarket seat for it and haven't come up with anything , aside from an over priced suede seat or a factory replacement for 300$ + . Anyone out there know of any products available ? Please help .

Hi, when I got my bike, it already had a white Bros. Seat, Yellow (matching the bike), and grey. I don't know where it came from but it is a Nice looking and comfortable seat.

You might be able to go to a furniture store and see if they can cut some new foam and recover it.

I put a Seat Concepts seat on one of our DR 200's, and love it. Best bang for the buck.:busted:

A local upholstery shop can recover a seat, usually for less than ordering the stuff to do it yourself will cost.

I'm sorry to say that the DR200 wont give much more power.

I put a cone air filter on mine, it felt better at the top end but I lost a bit of torque.

But then again, a bit more noise helps the feel of the bike lol.

Good luck with the 200

How about a 5 or 10 horse shot of nitrous?

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