yz250f gearing question.

i got a used stock 2003 yz250f but it has an after market pipe,standard jetting(178 main jet and 40 pilot) and on the rear sprocket it has a 50t and a 13t in the front.standard sizing is 13/48 so it has 2 extra teeth on the rear now.i have a spare 48.which should i run and why?what are the benfits of each?

It all depends on what kind of riding you do. The stock 48 will give you more overall speed and the 50 will give you more torque. It's nice to have options.

My XR250R stock is 13/48 and I changed to 13/50. It slows the bike down just a little bit in each gear, and increases the torque by the same amount. I ride tight trails with some steep hills, so I'm rarely riding fast and like the low-end grunt torque.

You can use this to give you some idea for the differences: www.sprocketcalculator.com

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