Fuel screw Q's

I just finished putting my 04 KX 250F's top end back together and I'm having a bear of a time starting it. I shimmed the valves and it has not helped it start any easier. I noticed that the fuel screw on the carb is 1 full turn out from bottoming out. Does that sound right? The last time I had it out, it flamed out and I couln't get it restarted. I checked the valves and they were all pretty tight. I checked my plug and it was wet. I changed it for a fresh one and it fouled as well. What am I doing wrong? I'm getting so frustrated :thumbsup:

well fuel screw should be ~2.25-2.5 turns out roughly can be less can be more but not much more.. limit is 2.75

How ever I am willing to bet you have your timing off or theres some sortof electrical problem.

Ok. I'll double check the timing marks and let you know what I find. Thanks!

i recently messed around with my fuel screw and it ran similar when i turned it that far in. it runs very well at around 2.5 - 2.75 turns out. hopefully thats all it is.

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