DRZ400 Steering lock

Hi does anyone know if the steering lock on a DRZ400 it the same as the locks used on KTM's?

I just used a dremel to get my old lock removed (took around 30 seconds) really shocked at hos weak the locks are!! but i need one fitting for the MSVA test.



Since when where steering locks mandatory in the UK?

The bikes gotta go for an MSVA test with VOSA as it's an import

Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Manual

Unauthorised Use

June 2010 7/1



This inspection applies to all vehicles with the exception of mopeds. However, if a device is fitted to a moped it must meet the requirements below.


The device may be mechanical or electricalMechanical devices must act positively to lock the steering or transmission system or both.

Great yeah the bike will fail the test if lock not working :-(

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whats next maby they will fine you for having a scratch in your plastic. UK :thumbsup:

whats next maby they will fine you for having a scratch in your plastic. UK :thumbsup:

HEY! dont give them ideas! haha

HEY! dont give them ideas! haha

remove it and plug the hole with a piece of plastic. install a lock and chain to the bars to the frame. it will be functional.

All sorted now, drilled out the old lock (they really are useless locks!) and bought a new one from suzuki with keys.

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