spring rate on 08 yz450 se

Is the shock spring on a 08 yz450 titanium? Also is it painted red?

I believe Yamaha went back to steel springs at some point, but the white SE's did often have red springs even when they were Ti. A magnet will tell you what yours is.

Maybe someone can provide more regarding the OEM spring for that year.

Is the shock spring on a 08 yz450 titanium? Also is it painted red?

The stock spring on my 08' is grey. The manual says that it is a 5.5 titanium spring. Look at page 7-11 of your owner's service manual. There are identification marks on the bottom of the spring. Mine has pink markings which identifies it as a 5.5 per the manual. My bike is the blue model and maybe the spring colors are different. I know that the 09' SE (white) model had a red spring.

I have an 08 SE white model with a red titanium spring. i believe all 08s had titanium springs but the blue bikes got silver and the whites got red.

Thanks for the info. Also is the 08 that much slower than the 06? I have ridden my buddies 06 and that thing is fast. I am checking out an 08 but it didnt impress me too much. Is the muffler really that big of a difference or posssibly something else? The bike ran fine, started rright up hot or cold, just didnt it just didnt seem be in the same league as the 06!

The '08 has almost two full HP more than the '06, but the '06 has a much stronger low/mid range, as opposed to the top end power of the '08, and that makes it feel faster. In reality, they don't give up that much, but you have to ride them a little differently, and some guys don't care for the lazier feel of the later bike.

There are 3 major factors in this:

  • The exhaust system sucks: The muffler is extremely restrictive of mid range power, and even a slip-on can sometimes add as much as 7 hp at 5000 rpm. The header is oversized to compensate for the muffler, so even though almost any slip-on improves the system, it can't ever be optimal without being replaced by a full system. Even a used '06/'07 system is much better.
  • Ignition mapping: redone for more top, less mid. Use the CDI from an '06, or buy a Vortex +10
  • Cam timing: The lobe centering on the '08 is more aggressive than the '06, creating again a bias toward top end at the expense of low end. You can use something from the aftermarket, or use a set from an '06. Some have used only the exhaust cam from an '06 with the '08 intake, which they claim improves the mid range without penalizing top end as much.

The '08 chassis underwent several tweaks that give it a more responsive feel, and chassis are harder to tweak than engines. Engines are easy. The '08 or '09 will work better in the end.

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