white plastics

hey I'm going to convert my 426 to all white plastics and wondered if any one had a picture of a 426 converted :)

I saw something on ebay a couple weeks ago, either a YZ426F or WR400F with all white plastic and tank. I've looked for it again and I think it's gone. If it's any help at all, it looked fantastic! Something I'll be doing probably next summer.

Well, it isnt ALL white but heres a pic of mine a few years ago before I discovered the Hurricance kit.




Nice "rut" kick stand on 'ol #33.


nice bikes thanks

I just wish some after market manufacturer would make a WR fender in a variety of colors so that we could choose what we wanted. ( white, black, yellow, or whatever) I happen to like the stock WR fender. :)


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