01 wr426 out put shaft seal

Hi all new to the forum and have a quick question I just changed the out put shaft seal no my 01wr426 as it was leaking but I still have a leak but not as bad do should I have changed some thing else as well so how do I stop the leak or is this normal thanks for the help

On a bike that age the spacer may also be worn, that the seal runs on.

Always a good idea to change the seal and spacer together

The spacer can corrode, and damage the seal and cause it to leak - it will then also damage the new seal if the spacer isn't changed

Try a new spacer, if it still leaks, then your new seal may be damaged and you'll need another one

Thanks for that I'll order one tonight and stick it and see if it works

The spacer should be removed and cleaned. There is an O-ring which seals between the spacer and the shaft. Replace that o-ring so that the leak does not occur between the shaft and the collar. The spacer has an internal bevel edge for the o-ring. do not put the spacer in backwards. This is covered in the service manual under transmission.

One other caution when installing this seal is to avoid inserting it too deeply. It should be "just short" of flush with the case, standing out about 0.5 to no more than 1.0mm from the mouth of the socket, and, of course, it needs to be square with the case. Running this seal in too deeply can cause the seal lip to overhang the notches in the shaft collar, leading to a really big leak.

Remember that the output shaft seal holds oil under pressure.

i just notice when my chain is tight it leaks more could it be the output shaft bearing shagged

dose any body have the part numbers for output shaft seal,o-ring,spacer,and bearing and is it a big job to change the bearing, thanks for all the help

Bearing replacement requires the crankcases to be split, so yes it just about a big a job as it gets

You can get the part no.s of the bits off the RonAyers website

Chain should never be tight

If bike has been used with the chain 'tight' then yes your output shaft bearing may be knackered

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